I just did Jordan Peterson’s self-authoring program. Here are my results…


I just did the self-authoring suite that Jordan Peterson has on his site. It took me one month to complete. If you’re having trouble focusing on your goals, or think you’re picking the wrong goals, or have too many or too few, it’s pretty damn helpful.

It’s basically a giant writing exercise where you explore what life might look like if you didn’t do certain things and what life might look like if you did. The exercise asks you to write down eight goals, which I did, but reading through them now, they seem odd… some of them at least. So these were the goals I wrote down in order of importance a month ago, and this is how I feel about them now…

I would like to have a great podcast

Yeah. I still want a great podcast. My problem has been narrowing my focus on what to call the podcast and what it should be about. Problem is my favorite podcasts are all over the board… From Joe Rogan to Serial to Stuff You Should Know to The Art of Paid Traffic to NPR. That’s basically chatting with friends to deep-diving into dense subjects and explaining them in an hour to how to be a digital marketer to politics. My interests are all over the place. I feel manic. But yes, I still want a great podcast and my first interview is on Tuesday with the Guinness World Record holder for longest motorcycle journey.

I would like to have an online funnel on automation

Everyone seems to be getting rich from online funnels. I would love one. But would I? It’s a lot of work. I currently have an online course that teaches people how to pitch the media, and quite frankly, it’s a lot of work. The course sells for under two grand but it requires constant attention. Maybe online funnels are just another full-time job. Maybe I don’t want that full-time job.

I would like to have a better blog

I want a fantastic blog, mostly because I cannot help blogging so if I cannot help blogging I may as well blog fun. If only I knew what to blog about. I’m blogging right now. I guess this is what I’m blogging about: everyday life. Struggles? Morning thoughts? Self-exploration? Writing? Goals? Travel? Podcasts? PR? Wtf am I doing?

I would like to eat healthier

Yeah, still want to eat healthier, but I don’t eat that unhealthy to begin with. In fact, I don’t eat a lot, period. Maybe if I cooked more I would enjoy eating more. I can’t afford to eat out every meal. If I could do that, I could eat healthy meals. But cooking healthy shit seems hard, but after watching the third season of Queer Eye, Antoni–or whatever his name is, showed me some cool ways to make brussel sprouts and shit. I learn half my life from that show. Jonathan looks like he’s coming off meth this season though…

I would like to have an amazing travel adventure with Daryl twice per year

Yeah. I wanna have crazy adventures, or rather, I want her to have crazy adventures. Quite frankly, I’ve already had enough to last a lifetime. I think I more want to travel to places I know nothing about to see how people are living and what they think of the world. That kinda thing is always interesting. Meeting other travelers is always fun for me. I love chatting with them because they do all sorts of jobs and have all kinds of outlooks on life.

I would like to have over 1,000,000 social media followers

Ugh. I can’t believe I wrote this, and then admitted to you that I wrote it. It’s basically like saying: I want to be an influencer, the very epitome of what I hate in society. What a vain goal. And a fucking dumb one. But it was on my list and I don’t wanna cherry pick my personality. I don’t want this anymore even though I wrote it down. Now I have the willies.

I would like to write a book on business/ self-help

I don’t know why I wrote business or self-help book… I don’t care what I write about as long as I am writing books. I think that is probably the most important goal I have: write books. I know it’s important because when I went to rehab when I was fourteen, the first thing I did was write a poem, and I’ve never stopped since and I always change interests… but not writing. When I was stripped of all drugs and alcohol, the only thing I had was poetry. I ran to haikus. I dove into writing and that says a lot to me. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done consistently my whole life. Writing and traveling. But writing is kind of like tennis, you can play it forever. Travel takes a toll after a while. But I would say yes: I want to write books because it seems like that is in my DNA. If all I did was write books, or write in general, I would be satisfied. If all I did was travel, I would not be satisfied. So, I guess writing wins.

I would like to host an event of over 1,000 people

This is the dumbest shit ever. Why the fuck did I even write this? I think because I had just come from Funnel Hacking Live in Nashville, which is some marketing conference (kinda, it’s more like a life-coaching cult) and I wanted to host a big event like the one Russell Brunson held–he’s the founder of the event, but that dude is kind of a dipshit, so I don’t know why I want to be like him.

Anyway, that was my personal writing exercise, shared with the public.

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