Beanie baby explosion


Last night I’m at my girlfriend’s parents house and the topic of beanie babies comes up. They say they have a million. My gf’s sister says that shit might be worth mad money. So we get the bucket of beanie babies and find a beanie baby appraisal site; an official site. Trademarked and everything. We type in, “Clawed”… the name of the multi-colored crab. Wait...

Blackmailed by strippers


I kinda miss my old blog when I was writing fucked up stories about my fucked up life. It was some hilarious shit, but the thing about it is… they were stories about me banging whores and getting arrested. How many stories can live like that on the Internet? It felt like every time I had something serious come up, be it a job interview or client proposal or magazine editor browsing through...

I agree with Avatar


It all started out just fine… I got a text from my buddy saying that the courts opened up again at Fort Greene Park (downtown Brooklyn). I texted him back and said dope. Let’s do 2PM. I had to move the car at noon here in Bushwick and the street-side sweeping ended at 1PM in Fort Greene. So, I figured I’d take a break from work around noon, drive over to Fort Greene, and take my...

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