Ranting wrap


After a million tutorials on Ableton Live and still not being able to turn my mic on and record my voice saying hello and play it back so that it was audible, I went into my closet last night around eleven… yes. I know. I went into my closet. Haha. Funny. Someone must be laughing. Anyway, I went into my closet, where my podcast studio has been built, and opened my computer. This is the...

British detectives, shiny holsters and high murder rates.


Here’s the dilemma… I never launched Vagabond University’s podcast, but I did get two episodes in the can before I realized the audio was unsalvageable. The interviews were great, but unusable. Fuckin buzzkill. I mighta talked too much too… I think I cut my guests off a couple times. I’ll know that for next time: Shut the fuck up a bit more. But here on round two of...

Drifter Chronicles Book Cayea
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