Hot and cold shit = good life


I’m drinkin some coffee. It’s about 8:30AM. Saturday. I’m sleepy. Trying to wake up. Going out with a friend at 11AM to catch up on life. Doing my diligence of posting every morning. Working on my book after I write this post. The book is fucking awesome. All about using travel as a means of self-discovery; a tool, rather than some recreational activity or vacation. You brush...

Thoughts running through my head during meditation


It’s really hard to meditate when you remember that you forgot to set the coffee pot timer. I wake up at 8AM and the coffeemaker starts brewing at 7:45AM, but man, that almost wasn’t the case. Just as I sat down in half-lotus position somewhere around 12:40AM and the British dude from Headspace told me to get comfortable and not think about anything and I wiggled my ass to a pleasant...

I wrote this in the gym locker room


Today I wanna talk about old dudes in the gym locker room that have full conversations with each other while they’re ass naked; naked for no reason. My question is: Why? Why not just put some clothes on? Your locker is right there. I mean, can’t you take one moment to wrap a damn towel around yourself before you get into the whole “my kitchen is leaking” discussion with the...

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